div bijbelse studies voor leiders in het Engels 

School of Theology Courses

(TH 200) Foundations of Pentecostal Theology 1

Text Book: “Foundations of Pentecostal Theology” (Duffield/Van Cleave)
This course examines the essential doctrines of the faith as seen from a Pentecostal perspective.

(TH 201) Foundations of Pentecostal Theology 2

Text Book: “Foundations of Pentecostal Theology” (Duffield/Van Cleave)
This course examines the teachings of The Holy Spirit, Divine Healing, The Church, Angels, Demons, and the Doctrine of Last Things.

(TH 202) Systematic Theology

The objective of this course is to give the student an overview and insight of the attributes of God, the fallen nature of man and salvation through Christ.

(TH 203) Spiritual Authority

Text Book: “Spiritual Authority” (Watchman Nee)
This course is designed to bring insight into the students life about Spiritual Authority.

(TH 204) Spiritual Warfare

Text Book: “Pigs in the Parlor” (Frank & Ida Hammond)
This course covers a wide plethora of subjects involving Spiritual Warfare from the Nature of War through the basis of our Victory.

(TH 205) Divine Healing

Text Book: “How to heal the sick through the power of Jesus Christ” (Stuart Gramenz)
This course teaches basic principles that enable all believers to pray for the sick.

(TH 300) The New Testament Church and its Ministries

Text Book:  “The New Testament Church and its Ministries” (Bill Scheidler)
This course gives a deep understanding of the Church and God’s purpose.  It provides a biblical understanding of ministry.

(TH 301) Healing Anointing of the Believer

Text Book: “Healing” (Francis MacNutt)
This course covers the basic truths about healing and miracles and how to move in the supernatural anointing.  This course describes the difference in the spiritual gifts as well as how to function in those gifts.

(TH 302) Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Since we live in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, it is very important that we know as much about Him as the Word reveal to us.  This course brings us into an intimate relationship with the Spirit of God.

(TH 303) Igniting the Fire

Hebrews 1:7 says: “He makes his ministers a Flame of Fire”.  From Moses and the Burning bush to Isaiah and the live coal that touched his lips this course will take you through the fire of the flaming relationship that God desires to have with each believer.

(TH 304) Miracles

A miracle is a supernatural manifestation of divine power in the external world.  This course of study will help the student in understanding the special revelations of the presence and power of God through the supernatural.

(TH 305) Connecting the Power

This course will teach the student the real truth about the Holy Spirit.  The Key is not methodology, the key is sensitivity.  We must cultivate communion with the Holy Spirit. God will expose the power that he has placed on the inside of each believer in the course.

(TH 306) Deliverance and Demonology

This course is a trumpet call to the believer to wake out of sleep and get engaged in spiritual warfare.  Demon forces have crept in every area of society including the church.  This course will inform and equip the believer to meet the challenge and take an active roll in storming the gates of hell.

(TH 307) Power of His Presence

Text Book: “The Tabernacle of David” (Kevin J. Connor) The objective of this course is to give the student an overview and insight into the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David.

(TH309) Prophetic Ministry

This course explores the impact that prophecy has on people and the core values that should motivate prophetic ministry. It also defines prophecy and the difference between the Gift of prophecy and the office of prophecy.

(TH310) Spiritual Gifts

This course will provide the background and insight into Spiritual Gifts that will better equip the student to move in this ministry and to identify their own different gifting’s as well as the best gift; the one needed at the time.